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It’s already been said before on this site: scholarships are certainly not just for the academically or athletically gifted. Many scholarships are available that will reward you for local community service, volunteerism or even just for composing a great essay. In fact , many of the educational achievement scholarships require a minimum grade point average of 3. zero (some are even lower).

On the other hand, other scholarships possess slightly, um, “different” criteria they use in deciding who is worthy of their particular dollars for college. Some are usually as arbitrary as residence within a town or county. Others are awarded to the children of the employees associated with companies. Finally, there are several scholarships available that awarded based on some rather strange selection criteria.

Duck Brands
Okay, so what would McGuyver perform if he needed a tux for prom and had nothing but a roll of duct tape? If you possibly can visualize the outcome, Duck Brand Duct Tape may award you $3, 000 in scholarship funding. Yep, in the “Stuck on Prom” competition sponsored by the duct tape producer, students who create the most revolutionary prom dresses or outfits that utilize Duck Brand Duct recording win money to help them pay for college. The tricky part, naturally , will be getting out of your attire once you get home.

Duck Calls
Let’s stick with the water fowl theme for a second. If fashion from tape is just not your thing, but the cute little namesake of the brand is (or more likely, the hunting of such namesake), perhaps you have some talent within producing duck calls. If so, you could win up to $2, 000 toward college in the Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest. Hopefully, you have established some rapport with your aquatic counterparts and they’ll cooperate when you need them to.

If you often find yourself having to duck (there it is again) under door frames or forest branches that few other people seem to notice, you may be eligible for $1, 000 in scholarship money. Men who are at least 6’2” and women 5’10” taller can apply for the Tall Clubs International Scholarship with an application and essay on what personal which means being tall has for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t experience such problems with doorways, you may qualify for a Billy Barty Foundation Scholarship. Named for the prolific actor, the prize is given to students who are 4’9”, or shorter, and have evidence of dwarfism in their backgrounds.

Science Fiction
One of the scholarships available to more forward-thinking learners are those awarded to the winners of the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Competition. Students who enjoy drawing or even painting science fiction-themed works or even who write in the genre can enter their material in the competition. Selected winners are offered monetary prizes to be used for college.

For the more specifically Star Trek -oriented technology fiction fans, the Kor Memorial Scholarship is offered by (yes, really) the Klingon Language Institute included in its KLI Academic Award system. The $500 prize is given to students interested in the study of dialects or linguistics, and is not specifically limited to Klingon (or Romulan or even Vulcan, for that matter); Terrestrial dialects are acceptable.

In case leadership, rather than language, is more your own thing, then a Starfleet Academy Scholarship (yes, still really) may be the alley. To qualify, you must be an active Starfleet member — I’m guessing you know who you are – and participating in a post-secondary institution of higher learning. Pilot school, maybe. The scholarship itself is $500.

Several scholarships center around the growing, processing, manufacturing and tasting of meals. Some can be pretty big should you have a real interest in a specific field or even industry. Potatoes, for example. If you are seeking an advanced degree in agriculture or even agribusiness that directly enhances the potato industry, you may be eligible for the National Potato Council’s annual Spud Industry Scholarship. One $5, 000 award is given each year to a graduate student in the field (pun semi-intended).

Candy-loving college students (beyond their freshman year) who are majoring in food science or meals technology are also eligible for a $5, 000 scholarship awarded by the United states Association of Candy Technologists. You will do have to maintain a 3. zero GPA in order to qualify, but the payoff for the hard work could be pretty special (there, I did it again).

Mushroom lovers are also eligible for scholarships in amounts up to $2, 000. Of course , you have to love mushrooms so much that you decide to major within mycology (the study of fungi). The awards are given by the Mycological Society of America and are available to students, researchers and even teachers who are studying in the area.

Grape and wine (if you’re more than 21, of course) lovers who have decide to make a career out of their particular passion may qualify for a scholarship from the American Society for Enology and Viticulture. Granted, you must go to a school that offers a major within either such field, but if are a full time graduate or undergrad student in an enology or viticulture level program, you are eligible for the scholarship.

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